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Whether you have regular full truckloads or one single pallet, we have the right operator for the job: direct courier trucks, combined project transportations, and scheduled trailers to any part of the world, as per your needs. 


We handle all forms of cargo and deliver timely and professionally to any part of the world.


We sufficiently provide sea freight services for all forms of cargo

successfully provided freight solution for 15 years

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We are the best logistics agency to achieve your goal!!

We are more than just a full-service logistics company. Behind our services, technology and systems stands a talented team that truly delivers results and drives everything we do.


excellence corporating capabilities

We handle cargo from different parts of the world, through air, ocean freight, or trucks. We move your cargo as intended


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24/7 customer care support and realtime tracking of your cargo anywhere in the world..

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We Are Dedicated To Customers And Focused On Quality


We are a full-service transportation provider with an extensive fleet of dry van, flat-bed and specialized equipment, and with a comprehensive geographic footprint


Mindex logistics is an industry-leader in Material Handling and Value-Added Services. We manage some of the nation’s largest, most complex, and highest velocity material handling facilities.


Mindex logistics understands all of your product storage and material handling requirements; we will implement the necessary processes and procedures to serve you

Expert Movers

premium logistics services

Work with the best logistics team!!

Simply contact us via our various channels and place an order to have your goods shipped


Warehousing And Storage

Your cargo can be safely stored in our warehouses till your shipping order is fullfiled.


Dispatch & Delivery

Timely and precise delivery to every part of the world


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