Cheat the casino. How to do it and is it worth it?

There are always people who are looking for the easy way out. Why play and count on luck? It seems to some that you can get money guaranteed by deception. It's not exactly a wise decision, but you can't stop the players. Below are the various methods of cheating that players use, as well as reasons why they should not be used.

Is it possible to cheat online casinos?

Yes, there are ways to cheat the casino. To do this, you do not need to be imbued with secret strategies, buy special programs and perform some magical tricks. The most obvious option is abuse, from English abuse - to abuse. Bonuses can be abused. This is probably the most popular form of player cheating.

Just look through the Complaints section and you will understand how often an attempt to deceive a casino occurs. In the same place you will see that it is all useless and operators prevent such actions. In addition to those who appeared in rejected complaints, there are those who, after a failed cheat at the casino, did not complain anywhere, but simply found another site to play.

Players in complaints use different methods of communication. Someone swears, threatens, someone tries to put pressure on pity and whimpers, others do not argue after a refusal. But it's all useless. After the operator realized that you were trying to cheat in the casino, the punishment is inevitable.

Why you should not go against the rules of the casino?

"Cheat the casino" is thinking in the wrong direction. Useless bustle. It may seem to you that your plan worked, but the operator can convince you of this at a very inopportune moment for you. For example, when you have won good money and are trying to withdraw it.

Understand that casinos know how to stand up for themselves and they have the tools to do so. There are many who want to rob them, so they have many ways to prevent this in their arsenal. Moreover, the sphere of protection against scammers does not stand still and the methods are being improved. For example, here you can read about how those who want to cheat the casino can be identified by email.

If you want to get into the pocket of a gambling operator, all your efforts will be in vain, unless, of course, you become an innovator in this field and surprise the world with your innovative ideas. It is better for ordinary players not to encroach on the deception of the casino, this will definitely turn out to be unprofitable. It's best to just enjoy the game and rely on luck.

Methods of deception

Abuse for regular players

Ordinary mortals try to deceive online casinos with abuse, because the ability to hack or use other hacker tricks of the required level is not given to everyone. One example of abuse is described here. Two accounts are used and bets on roulette for equal chances. Choose a casino with cashback.

Two players play at the same roulette table and bet on opposite equal odds. For example, one for red, the other for black. In general, they win in all cases except for the loss of zero and can approximately return what they bet. And by receiving cashback, players remain in the black.

The problem is that this is called collusion and fraud. If you deceive the casino in this way, it will punish you. After all, this diagram is certainly very easy to read.

There are other options for abuse. For example, Castle Builder, which you can read about here. There it is proposed to use bonuses to screw up to a high level. And after the bonuses have been written off, at the minimum rate, complete the construction of the castle and receive a good payout.

From time to time, new methods of cheating may appear that are valid for a particular game or in a particular casino. But always remember that if the casino regards your actions as collusion, abuse or deceit, then you will be punished.

Replenishment scams

Chargeback is a fairly common form of casino cheating. And this is usually done with credit cards. That is, a person replenishes an account through a credit card, then contacts the bank and claims that he did not make this payment. Then the bank returns the money, and the casino is left with nothing. By that time, the player had already played enough, and maybe even managed to withdraw money. It turns out that he either played for free, or won, and even returned his deposit.

At the end of the reporting period, the credit card user receives a report on the transactions made on the card. Therefore, he has time to play before he receives a report and it's time to issue a chargeback. As a reason for the refund, players may simply be saying that they didn't deposit at the casino and are getting their money back.

Since this is not difficult to do, this method is probably used by a lot of players. Moreover, casinos are unlikely to challenge the deposits of players from Russia. After all, in fact, they should not allow them to play. So, operators' concern about this is not in vain. In the terms and conditions, they usually include a clause stating that the player does not have the right to cancel deposits.

Why are credit cards used to cheat casinos? Because it is believed that with debit cards it is much more difficult to prove that you really did not pay. This is no longer the money of the bank, which he lends, but the money of the player. So, the event does not affect their financial condition in any way. And in the case of credit cards, banks risk that the user will refuse to pay for expenses that he denies. Therefore, they are more inclined to simply return the money by taking it from the casino.

However, if a full investigation is carried out, the casino can easily prove that the player is cheating and that he made the payment on his own. The operator can indicate when the transaction was made and from which IP address. And if this information comes up, then the user will be classified as a scammer by both the gambling operator and the bank. Such behavior should not be forgiven, as both parties spend time and money investigating false allegations.

There is information that online casinos share with each other about scammers. Therefore, having tried to deceive one casino, you will no longer be allowed to many others. The same is true with banks. The news that you are a scammer is supposed to spread far beyond the boundaries of one institution. In general, you shouldn't do this either.


Creating more than one account is prohibited in any online casino. But some players can't resist re-opening an account. This is done in the hope of cheating the casino and getting their bonuses more than once.

Operators, for sure, even welcome such players. Because any time it suits them, they can just block it. And this usually happens. The player replenishes the account, thinks that everything is going according to plan, his machinations went unnoticed. And then he tries to withdraw money and is covered up, and from the side of the institution everything is legal.

Many such cases can be found in complaints. The position of the players may be different. Someone screams, proving that he did nothing, others quietly disappear. But no matter how such a player behaves, he will no longer receive his money.

How are players offered to cheat the casino?

Interested individuals will try to convince you that there is a reliable way to cheat the casino. However, they are not interested in helping you get rich or at least steal some money, but in making money on your naivety. They offer to hack, use various schemes, or take advantage of software errors. Do not get involved in this adventure, just waste your money.

Some of these "experts" specialize in scripted casinos. They openly declare that they are deceivers, and since they themselves deceive the players, it is not a sin to rob them. In general, their principle of "scam the casino that wants to scam you" appeals to your greed and desire for easy money.

In fact, these individuals make money by luring people to fraudulent casinos and earning a percentage of their losses. After all, in order to implement their super cheating strategies, players need to invest quite a bit. Literally 50 rubles, and they will turn into thousands.

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